Applying for Ecclesiastical Marriage Permit (New Cases)

If you are applying for an Ecclesiastical Marriage Permit (EMP), please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the attached application in its entirety. When the application is complete, press print. In the alternative, download the PDF Application and clearly and legibly print your answers by hand.
  2. The application consists of the following main parts:
    1. Applicant Information
    2. Spouse Information
    3. Children Information
    4. Marriage & Divorce Information
    5. Case Summary
    6. Supporting Documents & Certificates
    7. Declaration of Veracity
    8. Authorization, Release and Waiver
  3. Send your completed and printed application along with copies of the supporting documents and certificates by regular mail to the CCFFAA address.
  4. Prepare a check in the amount of US $200.00 paid in the order of “Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of North America.” On the memo line, write “CCFFAA Application Fee”. Include your check with your application and mail to the CCFFAA address.

Incomplete applications or missing/partial fees may result in delay of processing the case.

PRINT Application Form